Main Contractor Support

“Using SCS as accredited professionals meant that we could focus on bringing in the build on time and on budget without having to worry about environmental non-compliance”

At Sustainable Construction Services, we understand the importance of programme, cost and risk and that main contractors simply want to get on and build. However, environmental considerations are having an ever greater impact on the way projects are delivered.


Our team of experts have a background in working on site and can help you to manage the process. We can set up full environmental management plans for contractors or sites and set strategies for monitoring issues such as material sourcing or ecological protection. We can also help with enhancing Site Waste Plans and Strategy.
These same experts are also experienced BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessors and we can help ensure that target performances can be maintained or even enhanced by working on site with your team.
This experience allows us to offer an on-site hand holding service for main contractors who want a BREEAM assessor on their side, even when the client has appointed their own BREEAM assessor. This Accredited Professional role can manage the risk of non-compliance, and help the on-site team to focus on site issues rather than get bogged down in BREEAM paperwork.