Design & Tender Stage Support

Tender documentation needs to meet the requirements of the developer, ensure costs are optimised and that the contractor selected is capable of delivering the building on time, on budget and on target environmentally.

Working with clients, project managers and employer’s agents, we can develop the Sustainable Employer’s Requirements documentation; help draft pre-qualification questionnaires and contractor’s preliminary documentation aiming to comply with environmental requirements such as Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM.

For contractors, we can help evaluate tender documentation and give advice on energy and environmental achievements as well as provide advice during value engineering to maximise energy and BREEAM, CSH and CEEQUAL performance.

Supporting Studies such as SAP/ SBEM /EPC/ Part L as well as Daylight calculations and Thermal modelling can be undertaken to establish compliance.

We can review the Tender Returns evaluating the contractors’ proposal ensuring environmental compliance has been included and all aspects costed for.

These steps can facilitate the production of the BREEAM, CSH and CEEQUAL Design Stage Assessment meeting potential planning requirement to produce an interim certification prior to works commencing on site.