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We believe that if you understand your environmental targets, you will have a better understanding of their real-world impacts. This means you can deliver a better building design more effectively.

On projects across the UK, we use the knowledge, skill and pragmatism of our team to simplify the process of environmental certification, energy modelling or life cycle carbon and whole life carbon analysis.

We build lasting relationships with project teams and our clients using tools such as BREEAM, IES, SAP, OneClick. We help teams to optimise the use of these tools to improve the efficiency and quality of their buildings, across all sectors and budgets.

What we do

We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve compliance with building regulations, including;


Environmental Certification

We believe that if people understand the environmental targets they are set on a construction project, they can better understand the real-world impacts and therefore be able to deliver a better building design, more effectively.

To assist this, we offer certification services such as BREEAM, HQM, SKA, DREAM, WELL Buildings but focus on value for the customer and contractors rather than doing these assessments as a box-ticking exercise.


Energy Modelling (using IES VE and SAP)

We are highly skilled in using SAP and IES VE software to model buildings to determine their energy use, CO2 emissions and EPC performance.

The IES VE software can also be used to predict a person’s thermal comfort (i.e. does it get too hot) and visual comfort (i.e. are you getting enough daylight in a room).


Zero Carbon

Zero carbon is fast evolving into being one of the most important issues in construction (sadly not the most important).

It is a rapidly evolving field, and we can offer a wide range of services associated with quantifying the embodied carbon of material and energy use and that covers a building’s construction, operation and deconstruction.

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who we are

We are one of the UK’s leading sustainability experts. We have successfully designed and delivered a range of projects with recent projects being featured in Property Magazine.

Our team have multi disciplined backgrounds, including design and project management. This allows us to provide wide ranging support for your project.

Whatever challenges building regulations throw at you, we’ve got a service to help you achieve compliance.

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Sustainable Construction Services

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